If you had to transition to instructional design; and money and time were big constraints for you, where would you start?

Myidportfolio.com helps you build a personalized instructional design portfolio on an LMS. You can easily upload your SCORM-compliant courses on your portfolio site. Use our free templates to build your ID resume, online courses, instructor led training programs and many more. We also rank your portfolio site on the first page of Google and YouTube.





The Fastest Way to Get Hired as an Instructional Designer

Instructional designers make an average salary of $84,421, according to the eLearning Guild. Instructional designers help various organizations solve learning and performance problems. Many teachers across the globe are now transitioning to the field of instructional design because they can enjoy flexible work schedule and work remotely. If you want to get hired as an instructional designer, you must have an ID portfolio.What is ID Portfolio? ID Portfolio or instructional design portfolio is an online collection of work that represents your abilities and skills as a professional in your field. It is typically made up of your best work over a period of time, such as what you did in your previous job or while earning a degree. 

We will help you:

👉 Have your ID portfolio on an LMS

👉 Build your ID portfolio site and ID resume

👉 Host all your SCORM-compliant courses built on Articulate Storyline/Adobe Captivate

👉 Have a FREE copy of the ID Portfolio & ID Jargon eBooks

👉 Rank your portfolio site on the first page of Google and YouTube for freelance opportunities

👉 Have access to our ID templates including course design document, instructor led training templates, video templates, storyboard templates and many more.





85% of job postings in instructional design require knowledge of learning technologies such as Learning Management Systems (LMS)

What a beautiful way to demonstrate to hiring managers what you can do with an LMS.We help learning and performance professionals build an ID portfolio site on a learning management system or LMS so that they can showcase their best work.



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Are you a teacher who is ready for new opportunities in ID?

Want to work remotely, on-site, full-time, or part-time? Maybe in various industry such as business, military, healthcare, banking, NGOs, Higher education, etc.!


Transitioning from Teacher to Instructional Designer Under Two Weeks is possible Now. Myidportfolio.com provides free coaching on how to transition from teacher to instructional designer. In addition, you will be able to build an instructional design portfolio on a learning management system and an ID resume. All you have to do is to sign up today!


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